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A Chama Violeta

Sítio dedicado à filosofia humana, ao estudo e conhecimento da verdade, assim como à investigação. ~A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! ~A Chama Violeta da Transmutação

A Chama Violeta

Sítio dedicado à filosofia humana, ao estudo e conhecimento da verdade, assim como à investigação. ~A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! ~A Chama Violeta da Transmutação

Be The Change, Be the Light. - Mother/Father GOD SPEAKS

Mother/FatherGOD SPEAKS

Be The Change, Be theLight

Part 162

May 27,2013  Telepath, Kathryn May

Now, let usresume our teachings to help you all step into the glorious I AM Presencewhich is your trueBeing.

There arebackground philosophies and teachings which add to the struggle and have not been quite sopervasive and homogeneous across cultures as they are today.  As we havetold you in the past, We do not use punishment as a way of shapingbehavior.  That is a human invention, brought to your thinking andactions by the Fallen Ones, whose purpose it was to stifle and suppressjoy and independence.  We wish to see you grow and flourish, not learn tobe obedient out of fear.

So, yousee, the term “obedience” as it is understood today is not what we’re after,as you might say.  It might be more helpful to address the issue oflearning to abide by Universal Law if we use the terms “alignment,”willing participation, acceptance of a higher level of energy, or recognitionof one’s highest power, which is God.  We do not wishto threaten or manipulate anyone into submission.  That would beuseless, meaningless, because it is the alignment of your heart, your innerintentions which matters.  Any decision made out of fear is not inalignment with God.

Some of you have wondered why we discuss “politics” here in these messages.  You think itwould be better if we just sent you loving and encouraging remarks which willinspire you.  Of course, we do that elsewhere through dedicated channelerswho bring messages of love and inspiration, and do it well.  Here we wishto accomplish a different purpose.  You have become so lulled intoaccepting the status quo, especially in the “developed”countries of the world, that you are unaware of the underlying travestyof justice which deliberately creates poverty, ignorance and want.

With thisin mind, scan theactivities of your culture and notice how pervasive is the Crime and Punishmentmentality.  Everywhere you look there are security measures, policepresence, rules in place to demand obedience to the most trivial and whimsicalrequirements which are designed to suppress individuality and enforce loyaltyto authority, regardless of the legitimacy of that authority.

Many of you have learned to believe the propaganda messages which blame the most vulnerable among youfor their “failure” to prosper.  You have been taught thePunishment model which says that anyone not achievingaccording to the societal standard is guilty of laziness, selfishness and slothand should therefore be punished for their lack of character by being deprivedof assistance from those who have more than they doThisis the thinly veiled propaganda which has justified the monumental greed of theDark Ones who have siphoned off the resources and wealth,leavingeveryone else to compete for the crumbs.

Yes, even those who work for financially successful firms and who havebeen used to large salaries (and long hours) have been co-opted by thispropaganda.  Therace to accrue more money has made everyone slaves to the corporate entitieswhich hide the true identity of the thirteen families who have succeeded incontrolling 85% of the planet’s wealth. By “inviting” their loyal employees into sharing a tiny portion oftheir booty, they have seduced good people into joining the ranks of slavery. Without thesehard-working lackeys, the ones in power could not maintain and expand theiriron grip on the world markets and therefore the world’s greatwealth.

This is why we alert you in these messages to what needs to be done.  Around the globe, enlightenedindividuals are working to expose these insidious power structures. TheDisclosure Hearings in Washington D.C. were just the mostrecent public effort to awaken the masses to the secrecy which has suppressedinformation which would allow citizens to make their own decisions about how toconduct their affairs with regard to life-changing new technologies and contactwith ET’s who have shown themselves  to be peaceful.

Absolute control of the sources of information is not “security” - it istyranny.  Thelight is beginning to dawn on many that it has not been the elected governmentwhich initiated this secrecy, but that they have played into the hands of thosewith the real power - the shadow government whichhas never been elected or even acknowledged.

Now - here is our proposal to you.  You have the resource of theinternet to inform you.  Do not believe the propaganda which would deteryou from researching the truth by disparaginganything which appears on the internet.  It is your sourceof freedom and individual power.  Begin by readingeverything linked to the Disclosure Hearings and thepeople who have worked so hard to bring the light of truth in yourbehalf.  Go to the Freedom Club site and read about the illegal corporationwhich is the United States, and how citizens havebeen used as “human capital” as collateral for loans from privatebanks.

Our own Jesus Sananda is working with attorneys and activists to open the secretfiles, to show that the illegitimate structures which nowexist need not be followed or obeyed.  Laws which usehuman beings as chattel are not legal under Universal Law, which is the highestlevel of order in the Universe.  Just as nostate has the power to overrule federal law in the United States, no country on theplanet has the power to rewrite or supersede Universal Law. Educatingyourself and those around you is part of the important work which will elevatethe planet to a higher order.  (NOTE:think of the grief, heartache, loss of life and property destruction---causedfrom Moore, Oklahoma tornado and Hurrican Sandyalone---that would have been averted had our "Healing PYRAMID Energy Worldwide Public"Disclosure" MOVEMENT been acivated 10 years ago!! ALL Earthwould NOW be temperate weather like HAWAII,"green" and "blue" HEALED and Humanity wellinto our final GoldenAge on Earth!!  This is WHY I ask for,call for,pleadfor your world MOVEMENT SUPPORT in every possible conceivabledaily loving, responsible way! - End of note)

In that context, wehope to convince all of you to claim your part in this magnificentShift which will affect every facet of every lifeon the planet.  Freedom is a concept which applies to everypart of you - your spiritual, intellectual and physical state of being. Living within an oppressive political system (which is now the caseeverywhere on the globe) restricts the practice offreedom in every other area of lifeYes, we begin withyour spiritual development and growth. This is most crucial and most under your independent control, but“spirituality” is not simply a state of mind.  It is a way of life.

Many of you have the example of your dear St. Germain who has been a tireless advocate forpolitical freedom for centuries.  This is his spiritual work, hiscontribution to the freedom of mind, body and soul for all of humankind. He does not work alone; he is in constant contact with the Lightworkers whohelp to carry out the activities which guard and promote freedom. It has been a gradual process, one which has been carried out mostly behind thescenes in isolated situations where limited help was permitted.  This has changed. With the Ascension of Planet Earth and her movement towardmembership in the Galactic Federation,moreopen participation from the Galactics (including our Masters and Archangels)has been possible.

Can you now see how “political,” “material” and“spiritual” help are One?  All of Us, all of you, are aligned with the sameSource, the same Light and Love which is the I Am Presence. You are made of the spark of God, your breathe as We breathe,you are the expression of our Love there is in yourhuman body, which is our precious Creation just as your soulis.  The joining of this body with the soul youare is a wondrous combination of the qualities which make up the One.  Lookaround you.  Even the most humble, defeated beingcarries our Spark of Life within.  Reach out to your fellow Sparks.  Show themyou recognize the Light within them, just as you recognize and celebrate yourown.

Above your head is the energy source of Universal Presence.  It is there for you to connect withand use.  As you absorb the Light of the I AM Presence, you will be filledwith Love.  This is the meaning and the quality of God which is availableto every one of you, every moment you live. With this source to feed and nourishyou, you will never feel alone or bereft.  Even if you were to findyourself without companion or support for a time, you will not be lonely; Weare here with you always.  Come into our arms - feel our embrace.  Weare aware of your every thought and your every need.  We will teach youmore about how to adapt your thinking and actions to Universal Law so that youwill always be in alignment with the Greater Good (GOD), and therefore withyour own Good (GOD).

Begin by breathing in the I AM Presence which pours down through you. Accept it, revel in it, and know this is your destiny - to be One with Us.

We areMother/Father God.
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