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Sítio dedicado à filosofia humana, ao estudo e conhecimento da verdade, assim como à investigação. ~A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! ~A Chama Violeta da Transmutação

We are weaving the codes of light around you.

 We are weaving the codes of light around you.Ascended Grandmothers.Through Galaxygirl,March 27th, 2020 .    We are the grandmothers. We speak once again with great love to ascending humanity, angels in form. We were once in your form, like you, many of us. We have had many incarnations. We have been the beauty, the young mother, the wizened one, the crone. We are all things.  We embrace the bounty of love and energies that are available to us as we connect deeply with Mother – (...)