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A Chama Violeta

Sítio dedicado à filosofia humana, ao estudo e conhecimento da verdade, assim como à investigação. ~A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! ~A Chama Violeta da Transmutação

A Chama Violeta

Sítio dedicado à filosofia humana, ao estudo e conhecimento da verdade, assim como à investigação. ~A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e a verdade libertar-nos-á! ~A Chama Violeta da Transmutação

The Sirius star system, Ancient Egypt, the Dogon , and Quantum Physics….

By Ty Damian

This will be a long post that has been coming together for some time. I’m gonna touch on a few things, so I hope not to bore you all, it may seem repetitive at times. Updates will be forthcoming as information unfolds.

The people who built the Sphinx, which predates the pyramids at Giza by several thousands of years at least, did so by aligning it exactly with the Sirius star system (Orion and canis Major). Now, we know that Sirius is a fixed star system—meaning that no matter where the earth is in orbit around the sun, or revolving on its own axis—that Sirius will be viewable when looking south in the night sky from the Northern hemisphere.


Scientists aren’t willing to admit at present that likely, all of the stars in the universe are binaries, (they have only admitted to 80%), but let us consider for a moment that they are all binaries. This means, our Sun and its solar systemsolar system, including the planets—are floating through our galaxy in an orbital path intertwined with another star—it’s binary twin.


It also means that our galaxy, as a massive collection of many sun systems, is possibly in a binary system with another galaxy as they all float about in the soup that makes up the entirety of the universe.

So the big question for me looking at the ancients and the Dogon—is why Sirius? It cannot be only that Sirius is a fixed star—because there are other fixed star systems easily visible from the earth. So, why this particular fixed star system? Naturally, I began to wonder if our sun is in a binary with one of the stars in the Sirius star system. The implications could be vast.

Recently, I began looking into binary star systems in an effort to better understand our own solar systemsolar system and its constituents, the planets. I was inspired by this dude, Santos Bonacci—and the correlations he made about the precession of equinoxes and zodiacal system with respect to various religions.

Now, it’s a long video, but highly recommended. I will summarize here so we can have the facts that pertain to this thread readily at hand.

The Zodiac, beginning with Aries in the first house, is an hourly(daily), yearly and Grand Year calendar system based upon the constellations as can be seen from the Northern hemisphere. It can be seen to tell the tale of the Sun/Son through Christian metaphors, Gnostic texts, Greek and Roman mythology, Asian , Hindu and Tibetan traditions, the dynastic pantheons of Egypt, and the Sumerian, Akkadian, Colchite/Kushite cosmologies until finally we trace it back to Khemet and the pre-dynastic pantheon centering around the stories of Asr and Ast. (Isis and Osiris to the Greeks)

This calendar system describes a series of our Earths revolutions around its own axis (hourly), and those of the earth’s orbit around the sun (yearly), and finally, the orbital path of our solar systemsolar system as it moves throughout the various planes of the galaxy (Great Year). The video uses the mechanism of a sine wave to explain all of these motions, concurrently.


Here is the video with the Bonacci explaining the binary system at about 19:48

And this one shows his sine-wave graph of the precession/zodiacal houses, starting at about 49:30 .

In short, it is a system of brilliantly encoded information about the elements and their respective phases, how each of these makes up a molecule and eventually compounds. Each house represents the 12 major constellations, in turn which contain 3 minor constellations (deacons). It also encodes information about each planet that is visible from the earth, and each planets influence upon the earth based upon the number of days each planet takes to revolve around the sun.

Not only that, but amazingly in encodes the details of each platonic solid, as derived from the alchemical elements. You can see this here at 8:30 in the corresponding chart.

Moving along,…

So, when I learned about the Dogon, (whose cosmology/cosmogony is centered around Sirius), I wanted to know how they were able to draw and depict in their rock art the very motions of spin symmetry of quantum physics, as can be explained from this series of videos below. It details the connections of Egyptian glyphs and those of the Dogon as applies to sub-quantum physics.

Now, how did these people know about spin symmetry of quantum particles? I assume they are folks who migrated out of Egypt back in the day, so I asked myself--- What’s so serious about Sirius?
Let us consider for a moment that one of the stars in Sirius is INDEED our sun’s binary twin. Now, let’s see how quantum physics can possibly have any applicationapplication here.
There is a well- known phenomena in physics called quantum entanglement. You can read about it here-- [link to]
Two entangled particles can appear to influence one another instantaneously and simultaneously, whether they're in the same room or at opposite ends of the entire universe.

Quantum entanglement occurs when two or more particles interact in a way that causes their fates to become linked and entangled. It becomes impossible to consider (or mathematically describe/measure) each particle's condition independently of the others' condition/position. 

Collectively, they constitute a single quantum state-- for example, if one is spinning in "up" direction, the other must be spinning in the "down" direction. Suppose you measure one of the entangled particles and, by doing so, you nudge it "up." This causes the entangled partner to spin "down," making the measurement "here" affected by the other particle "over there" instantaneously, even if the other particle was a million miles away!
All of this brings us back to the ancients, with their “as above, so below” philosophies, who understood that the microcosm and macrocosm are entangled. They knew our sun, is in entanglement (orbit) with a binary twin. They also knew the rules of spin symmetry, which are governed by quantum entanglement. Did they study the microcosm in order to figure out the macrocosm, or the other way around? Paradoxically, entanglement tells us that you can’t isolate one from the other.

Every calendar ever used or created or devised is based off of this same science of the stars—Gregorian, Judaic, Coptic, Mayan, etc. It just so happens, that this science of the stars is equivalent in every way to the science of the microcosm itself—the sub-quantum realm.

Do you see what I see?

And to close, let’s throw in some correlations to Sirius star system, and pop culture, art, and music of today. 

What’s so serious about Sirius?
In the Truman Show, a spotlight – used to imitate the light of a star in Truman’s fake world – falls from the sky and nearly hits him. The label on the spotlight identifies it as Sirius. Truman’s near-death experience with Sirius gives him a glimpse of his real environment. Truman then begins his quest to explore the truth. Sirius is therefore, the “star of initiation” in this case. It causes Truman to realize the limitations of the his studio-based world, and lead him beyond it.

In Harry Potter, the character named Sirius Black is likely a reference to Sirius B, something the Dogon knew of long before Western science ever caught up. Sirius Black is Harry Potter’s godfather (dogfather?), which again, symbolizes a teacher and a guide. The wizard can even turn into a big black dog, another correlation to the “dog star”.

In Disney’s Pinocchio, written by Freemason Carlo Collodi--Gepetto prays to the brightest star of the sky to be given a “real boy”. The Blue Fairy (her color is akin to Sirius’ light-blue glow) then descends from the heavens to give life to Pinocchio. Throughout the puppet’s quest to become a boy (an allegory for initiation), the Blue Fairy guides Pinocchio towards the “right path”. Sirius is represents a guide, teacher, and a source of life.


And lastly,...I found this too...

[link to]

Posted by Debby Many Nations on April 14, 2014

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